Our offer

Embodied Expression for musicians, ensembles, teachers and concert organizers.

In Embodied Expression we open up, expand and deepen your artistic expressiveness - in your own playing, in the ensemble and in dialogue with your audience. Experience a liberated, enjoyable music-making experience that also relaxes your approach to stage fright, performance and exam anxiety and has a positive feedback effect on your technical and interpretative skills.

EE Workshop and Coaching

Artistic expression can be shaped and learned just as much as technical skills and the ability to interpret. You will learn to expand your daily practice by explicitly working on artistic expression. Experience unexpected synergies with your technical and interpretive skills. 

Dedicate yourself to this fascinating moment of musical performance in our workshops and coaching for instrumentalists, singers and choir and orchestra conductors.

EE for Ensembles

In making music together, the individual expression of the ensemble members is combined into an unmistakable whole, one's own body becomes part of a superordinate body of sound. 

In Embodied Expression we finely sound out the relationship between individuality and collectivity and arrive at a coherent and touching artistic expression. 


You make your experiences with Embodied Expression, feel your way or rush into it, make small steps, big jumps or stumble once in a while. Let us and the other members of the community accompany you on your way!

Concert Concepts

Artistic expression always unfolds in contact with the audience. We develop concert concepts with you and for you that promote resonance experiences, captivate your audience and inspire your presentation.