EE Workshop Basic

"I highly recommend it to any musician seeking new perspectives on their artistic expression and refreshing inspiration for their own music making."

The modules of the classical EE workshop basic

Module 1: Coming & Going - Attunement with one's own body.

Individual expression can unfold when there is a physical sense of safety and awareness. What exactly is this and how can I tell that I feel safe?

Module 2: Outside & Inside - Listening and finding expression

One's own expression is often obscured by demands and expectations. What develops when you give it space to unfold freely?

Module 3: Working in the transition zone - connecting individuality and musicality

Musical expression becomes malleable when physical impulses and cognitive reflection are equally perceived and correspond with each other. How do we succeed in staying awake to all facets while making music?

Module 4: Individual exploration of the transition zone

Individual expression enters into dialogue with the work and through the work. Where does the potential of artistic expression lie, beyond technical skill and interpretation?

Module 5: Finding and expressing

The concrete working methods in the transition zone are manifold and vary with each work and each musician. Which approaches will help me individually?

Module 6: Best Practice

Artistic expression, interpretation and technical work interpenetrate and influence each other. What space do I give to work on artistic expression and how do I integrate it into practice?

Module 7: Presenting and Reflecting

The situation of presenting in the context of concerts or exams is a challenge. How do I succeed in maintaining access to artistic expression?