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Your body - source and medium of artistic expressiveness

Embodied Expression is dedicated to the "magical" dimension of musical performance: individual artistic expression. Embodied Expression prepares the ground for fulfilling and fear-free music-making, in which individual artistic expression can blossom.


Embodied Expression

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We look forward to exploring with you the many facets of your individual artistic expression - as a soloist, in ensemble and in resonance with your audience.

Experience a new way of dealing with technical challenges and the demands of the profession through Embodied Expression.  Discover a new, deep and mindful quality of music making. 

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July 10th 2022

Impulsworkshop Developing new formats of concerts

September 1th - 4th 2022

EE-Basisworkshop for conductors, choir directors, instrumentalists and singers - St. Stephan, Augsburg

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